The wonderful girls at Mike's birthday spanking party are working for a very reduced fee or for nothing, in order to support SONGHAVEN, and all profits from the party will be donated to this charity. Your party fee for attending the Spanking Birthday Party will be used just to pay the expenses of putting on the show and the food, and the majority will go to SONGHAVEN.

SONGHAVEN is a local London charity providing dementia friendly musical events for patients and their carers and is much appreciated by many of the 2kings folk. Brief details are below, and you can view a (very) short video about their work at

At the party you will be able to take away a special brochure they have prepared for 2kings about SONGHAVEN, and we will be taking cash collections as well as finding fun ways to raise more cash-for spanking during the afternoon of this splendid and sparking event!

 Songhaven for website0001 745 x 1140

 You can find full details of Songhaven on their website at: