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Summer 2020


"Terrific Sexy Switch Spanking Parties in London"      



We will run a small switch party on Wednesday 8th July.

This Party is FULLY BOOKED.


4 arses



Wednesday 8th July at 1.00 Pm. BEACHBABES switch party. Gorgeous girls in bikinis, or less, frolicking on make believe beaches, well playing with balls in Canning Town, for your delight. Plenty of spanking, and switching in the free-play time. Subject to gentlemen booking and paying deposits the girls willinclude JESS,  MELISSA & MAXINE.

This party will be in London Docklands and costs £160 including a buffet and drinks.


This Party is FULLY BOOKED.


Beach Home




*** No Parties in August ***



There will be a discount of £30 for attending both the parties (*) on September 10th, when we can be reasonably sure the Autumn spanking season will commence, more dates on the "Dates" page.  


Thursday 10th September at 1.00 Pm. FemDom party. Donna Browne from Leicester will join our own Miss Parker for an afternoon of male submission and fun. Details to follow.

This party will be in London Docklands and costs £170 including drinks and a buffet lunch.* 


Thursday September 10th at 6.00 Pm. Skoolgirls switch party. A favourite theme with the short skirts, white socks and revealed knickers of our fantasy skoolgirls uniforms. The full girls will be led by SALLY, with Donna and Emily, the hostess will be the sexy Nurse-Bendy!

This party will be in London Docklands and costa £160 including drinks and a buffet dinner.*





At all parties a good buffet meal is provided, and drinks are included in the price at smaller parties,

at other locations there is always a fully licensed bar available throughout the party. 



Please enquire for details at any time:

Enquiries & Bookings for all Parties to:


+44 (0)7887 762477


44 (0)7765 500633


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