Mistress Ava





I am an experienced and glamorous mistress, with extensive chambers in the Kings Cross Area (WC1 X..) where all your disciplinary fantasies can be brought to life. I believe firmly in the values of old fashioned school punishments and of course CP is the root of all good behaviour. Not only does regular chastisement encourage good work and polite behaviour, it also is an excellent deterrent to bad habits. Here any wanking or smutty behaviour is an automatic caning offence, and I can assure you I will enjoy carrying out my duty by dealing with you. When you have had a caning from me you will remember it every time you sit down for the next few days; if you receive what I like to call a proper caning, you will not be sitting down at all for a few days, and you will be changing your underpants at hourly intervals. All sessions are carried out in my well equipped premises, and can range from mild and erotic spankings to judicial canings; and although experienced players regularly revisit me for the necessary obedience training, beginners are also welcome, as introducing a new boy to the delights of schoolroom bottom marks is my pleasure.

You can see more of me at http://www.mistressava.co.uk and appointments may be booked by email to lonbdsm@hotmail.com or by phoning me on 07979 590017.

You will fear and enjoy a session with me, and if you wish, with one of my slave girls!







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